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Welcome to the FAQ's page, here we try to answer as many questions as possible!

Is the quality good and will it stay good for long?

The quality is very good, it is 100% cotton and fairtrade. It's better to not iron the logo itself, if you do you can damage the logo alot. Besides that you can just wash it normally and iron the shirt.

How long does the shipping take for my order?

Usually it takes a couple of days (2 or 3 days), this depends on where you live ofcourse, if it's not possible to deliver in 2 or 3 days we will make contact with you so you know there is a slight delay. All the shipping will be made from the Netherlands.

Are there any extra costs once I buy a shirt? (Shipping, returning etc.)

No, you will have to pay the price that is on the webshop. We are not going to make you pay for the shipment while the products are already expensive. Although when you want to return it, the costs of returning is for yourself. But once it's returned we will do our best to transfer the money or a new shirt quickly.

Is there a way I can promote your items in exchange for money/products?

Eventually we will have some influencers or popular internet-icons promote our shirts,

but our company is pretty young. Once we become a bigger company we will give away more shirts and products in exchange of promotion.

More FAQ's will come!

Have another question? Send it to our Facebook or Mail, we will be happy to help! <3

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