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Shipment Locations






Shipping: (with PostNL)

- Once you order your shirt etc. We will get a message to prepare your order.

- We will do a quality check, give a lil kiss and pack it for shipment

- The order will be send as quick as possible, (we will pay for the shipment)

- Communication is key, therefore we will keep everyone updated on their shirts and shipment.

- Once the order is at the arrival we just hope you will love the shirt(s)! (if not, keep reading!)


So your order isn't what you expected or you bought the wrong size? No problem. You can send back the items ,we will process it and give you your money back or a different product. The costs of returning the shirt is for yourself, sorry. The more we grow, the more convenient our shipping process can become. You have 14 days on the day it's delivered to send it back as a return or withdrawal the order. After these 14 days you are not able to withdrawal the order.


- Is the order in the same state as when it was delivered? (Damaged/Used)

- Is it 14 days or less  you received the order?

If everything is great with the product and the date is correct (<14 days), please proceed:

- Download the Return Form (beneath) and fill this out, we love to hear your opinion on our shirts!

- Go to your nearest post center, (sorry) here you have to pay for the shipping. After this we keep in touch.

- Once the order has arrived back to us, we will do a quality check and see how we can help you.

- We will try to be in contact with you through this process because we want it to be clear and we want to be a great service for our supporters!

(If you send back a shirt for a different size in return, we will pay for your return-shipment)

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