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This months organization:

- World Food Programme -



We are FKN XPNSV, the clothing brand that makes way too expensive shirts! Why? First of all, we have great quality, it is fairtrade and 100% cotton. The print will stay on it for a very (very) long time! Besides the quality we would like to give love to every beautiful soul on this planet. Support a lot of charities, people in need and our customers/supporters.

(You don't have to buy anything to support us, just give some love to someone sometimes!) This would be our dream, to just try and make the world a better place. We are not the most serious company if you haven't noticed, we are just here to have some good times and give positivity for people who need that. We will try our best to give you the perfect experience of FKN XPNSV.


The Future of FKN-XPNSV



We're FKN XPNSV and we are just f*cking expensive.

But besides that we have some plans for the future of this company, it's pretty dope.


We are going to start the plans as soon as possible and we hope you will FKN like/love it! <3


But for now, here's our plan for the future of FKN XPNSV!


  • 10% of every order will go to a non-profit organization.


It's as easy as that. Every month we will donate 10% of all orders to different non-profit organizations. We will let our supporters help us pick the organizations. You can send your suggestions to or message us on our socials!

Non Profit Logo

Status: Active


  • Modelling is for everyone who wants


We don't believe in "normal" because we are all different and that's the beauty of it. We believe that if you can be your FKN self and you are enjoying it, you are already rocking life! So if you have a nice photograph with our shirt on it, with kinda nice quality, send it in! We will check them out and maybe upload it on our socials or even on our FKN web-shop!

Status: Active



Y'all ready for this? Every week we have a different banger on the site! We love all the music! From classic to rock to hip-hop to FKN jazz! If you got some vibes/bars and the feeling you're not getting noticed. Just send your banger to our mail, we'll check it out! (use #BNGR somewhere in your mail) You don't have to buy anything to enter! We just want to help artists who are trying their best to get noticed, because nowadays it's hard. And maybe once we become a bigger community, we have some audience as well! <3


Status: Inactive

  • Design Competitions

Make your design for a FKN XPNSV * LMTD Editions shirt. Download our logo, use our font and make your own slogan! (example: "just limited AF boy!") If you ever bought a shirt or anything like that, you can join in and try to make your own design for a limited edition shirt. The one with the dopest design will get 10% of all profit on this shirt. No bullshit. We will do this competition multiple times a year

Design Competition

Status: Inactive

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